Producing is a highly misunderstood word and while most people think of it as a laborious endless task of raising money for projects it is really as much an art as it is a business. Producing really means 'taking control' and 'attaching yourself' in my philosophy. If you as a writer or director have created or control an astonishing story, then you should be producing your own project.  If you are an actor or actress, then all the more reason for you to control your destiny and centre the project around yourself.  Actors such as Charlize Theron in Monster, Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in Good Will Hunting, and most recently Graham Moore in The Imitation Game (Writer) are prime examples of 'taking control' to ensure their work was the driving vehicle--the centrepiece of the project.  I often work with clients that have amazing books or articles they have optioned, or a story they have created, in order to help them find 'their vehicle' for them to produce, or come aboard to assist them with attaching other talent or finance if the project resonates with me. 

Over a decade ago after moving to Australia, I turned my eye to producing after creating and importing a highly successful Walt Disney (c) Consumer Products licensing system that was groundbreaking in Australia.   Producing would help ensure that my own personal projects made it to the screen under my control. Today I sees it as "the ideal tool for success" to maintain momentum, control, and integrity in bringing stories from concept or outside material to the screen--whether cinema, TV, the web, or other media.  It is that philosophy I keenly share with newcomers and veterans alike.

I continue to be a  fierce proponent of highly commercial, privately funded projects that have mass appeal, and usually recommend moving forward without the traditional government funding that works for smaller local projects.  And since the mid 90's  I have steadily pushed to transform the Australian film and television landscape into an 'eco-system' that will propagate and grow exponentially in this decade to lead the English-speaking world in creation and production.  I am both a USA and Australian Dual citizen and blessed to have the best of the two best countries in the world.